Broccoli and Burritos


Broccoli and Burritos

Broccoli and Burritos is a health and wellness blog that I started with the goal of sharing strategies to live and eat healthier with people in their twenties, a demographic that’s not always targeted by the wellness industry.  My goal with Broccoli and Burritos was to share all about wellness, with an emphasis on real food for real life: making it doable to live a healthy life and cook for yourself, most of the time, even with a full-time job and a social life.

I created all of my own branding for Broccoli and Burritos and designed the site using Squarespace. (I also named it, wrote everything, and created everything else for it myself!) I wanted to maintain a young, clean, and approachable vibe with both the branding and the web design, while still keeping it original – I didn’t want it to feel like every other food blog out there, but I also wanted it to feel friendly and look within the realm of what people would expect from a food and wellness blog.


I used a combination of a sans-serif font and a handwritten script in the logo and brand fonts to keep the brand both clean and approachable, with an optional pop of color within the type.


I also incorporated hand made paint swashes into my arsenal of visuals for Broccoli and Burritos to add another touch of personalization. I love cooking because it provides such a great opportunity to create something completely from scratch, and because that it forces you to work with your hands and get a little messy. I felt that using thick acrylic paint strokes would do a great job at visually mirroring those awesome qualities while still feeling fun and unexpected.

Cooking and living a healthy lifestyle usually don’t turn out perfectly, but they can still be a whole lot of fun, and that’s what I aimed to capture in my branding and design for Broccoli and Burritos.

Check out the full branding tile for Broccoli and Burritos below, and feel free to check out the entire site at