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Old Projects

old projects

These are some of my projects from junior year and before. To see the rest of my work, check out my tumblr or behance page. 

They call me

For this project, we were given a book title and came up with a story line in order to create a book jacket using three dimensional typography. I was given the title "They Call Me", and decided to go the direction of a Sex-and-the-City esque book about a post grad living in New York City (you can find my description below). My set was constructed from card stock and paper.

This project was a great chance to get away from the computer and experiment with a more physical way of constructing
a space. 


Redesign of Chapter One of FEMA's Emergency Preparedness Manual. The original document looked like this.

This project was a pure exercise in typography, and allowed me to really get into the details of creating a hierarchy of type and using a grid. 

See the full book below:


Informational poster about Carl Linnaeus, the father of modern classification. All patterns are digital collages of Linnaeus' botanical illustrations.


An exploration of the origins, characteristics, and comparisons of the typeface Meta, designed by Erik Spiekermann.