Sugarfire Branding & Packaging


Sugarfire Branding & Packaging

The prompt for this assignment was to choose a place in St. Louis that I hadn’t been to before and create a travel guide of some sort for that location. I chose Sugarfire Smokehouse - a barbecue restaurant I’d highly recommend.

I felt that the most useful companion wouldn’t come in the form of some book or app telling you more about the establishment, but rather in the far more practical form of custom napkins to wipe the sauce off of your hands. The content of these napkins was a collection of different phrases, from the owners of the restaurant themselves, yelp reviews, and just general tips. I felt that this kind of hodgepodge of content represented the eclectic feel of the restaurant as a whole.


Initially, I was just hoping to indulge my love of hand lettering and get to make some cute custom printed napkins.


However, once I had made some of the lettering for my napkins, I realized that their packaging also had to communicate the feel that I was going for - a custom napkin set marketed towards millennials who want to have a beautiful but informative "guide" to enhance their experience.